10 Effective Ways To Fall Sleep Fast At Night

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Most of the people are now suffering from sleeping deprivation which is absolutely not a good thing to health. Due to lack of proper sleep, the person will lead to suffer from more stress, get moody over small things, decrease immunity and fall sick quickly etc. We cover up some scientific tricks that you can try to flip the switch and guide your body into a safe shutdown mode. Have a good night!

01. The military method

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This a popular military method wil lead you to fall sleep within 10 seconds. The US Navy Pre-Flight School created a routine to help pilots to fall asleep in 2 minutes or less. It took pilots about 6 weeks of practice. At first few days this might not work for you, but keep trying by relaxing muscles and breathing properly. This method worked for the pilots to fall sleep quickly even after drinking coffee and with gunfire noises in the background.

  1. Relax the muscle on your entire face, inside your mouth too.
  2. Drop your shoulders to release the tension and let the hands drop to the side of your body.
  3. Exhale, relaxing your chest.
  4. Relax the legs, thighs, and calves.
  5. Clear your mind for 10 seconds by imagining a relaxing scene.
  6. If this doesn’t work, try saying the words “don’t think” over and over for 10 seconds.
  7. Within 10 seconds, you should fall asleep!

02. The "4-7-8" breathing method

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This is a simple but powerful breathing method that not only helps you to fall sleep quickly but also helps you to unwind before bed. Along with that it promotes calmness and relaxation as it consists of a breathing pattern that relaxes the nervous system. 
  1. Place the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth.
  2. Exhale completely through your mouth and make a whoosh sound.
  3. Close your mouth and inhale through your nose while counting to four from the mind.
  4. Then hold your breath and count  mentally to seven.
  5. Now open your mouth and exhale completely, making a whoosh sound and counting to eight from the mind.
  6. Repeat this cycle at least three or more times.

You can be practiced this anytime you feel anxious or stressed.

03. Lower the room temperature

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Lower environmental temperature boosts sleeping. The body temperature changes when fall asleep. The core temperature of the body decreases, while the temperature of the hands and feet increases. Set your thermostat to a cool temperature between 60–75°F (15–23°C). It could help you to overcome your sleeping deprivation.

04. Yoga and Meditation

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Practicing yoga and meditation are such precious hobbies a person must have. Even though if you are not suffering sleeping inabilities, yoga and meditation help to keep our mind calm, increase our concentration, enhance memory and intelligent, lower stress, increase problem solving skills, increase the peace of mind and many more things. Calm mind lead to relax your body muscles which helps to improve falling sleep.

05. Say no to naps

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When take less sleep at night, you may feel sleepy during the day time. Naps are good to increase the performance of mind but as you're a person who can't properly sleep at night, taking naps is not a good thing. Because when you take short duration naps you couldn't able get a proper long sleep of 6 - 7 hours.

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06. What you eat before bed really matters

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The food you take for dinner affect your sleep. Researches have shown that high-carbs meals may be detrimental to a good night's rest. But a review of studies shown carbs just help to fall sleep faster, not give you a restful one. Instead of that meal with more fat give a proper and deeper sleep. But if you are a person who has cholesterol problem, then consuming fatty foods is not a healthy option. Instead of that you can increase the amount of regular foods you consume at night. Make sure to include some carbohydrate contain foods to your meal !

07. Listen to Relaxing Music

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Calming music can significantly improve quality of sleep. It can even be used to improve chronic sleep disorders like insomnia. A study  demonstrated that sedative music promoted deeper sleep. Specially music created from different Buddhist chants and used for meditation may be a great tool for better sleep.

08. Workout

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Start to to workout at least one hour per day because physical activities are beneficial for sleeping.

09. Avoid using mobile phones or laptop at late night

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Many studies show that using mobile phone at late night may harm to your brain cells and it is terrible for sleep. And don't keep any electronic device close to you at night. Instead of that start to read something. Reading could be a good activity to help you wind down before bed. Bedtime reading may promote longer sleep.

10. Don't consume caffeine and Drink a Soothing Beverage

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Caffeine is good to consume in the morning not at the night. It can be found in foods and beverages like chocolate, coffee, sodas and energy drinks. Instead of that just have milk or any other soft beverage.

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